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MyLogisticsDept Key Personnel

column1-image1Kirk Bettencourt

Industry experience: 34 years

column1-image1Scott Hulsey

Vice President of Operations
Industry experience: 32 years

column1-image1Joaquin Murrieta

Director of Sales
Industry experience: 22 years

column1-image1Jill Bettencourt

Industry experience: 17 years

column1-image1Jody Snider

International Supervisor
Industry experience: 26 years

column1-image1Carrie Finnigan

Customer Service
Industry experience: 17 years

column1-image1Julie Trotta

Customer Service
Industry experience: 16 years

column1-image1Kori Bettencourt

Customer Service
Industry experience: 4 years

column1-image1Amanda Lawand

Customer Service
Industry experience: 3 years